IRS Overseas Tours

Up-dated 15 April 2021

For many years the Locomotive Club of Great Britain (LCGB), supported by Industrial Railway Society, has run tours to see industrial and preservation railways overseas. We pride ourselves on going to out of the way places and unusual railways that are rarely covered by other tours. These tours are also open to non-IRS members. Why not come along and see something a bit different?

Baltic States (with LCGB) - Thursday September 13th to Sunday September 23rd 2018

The tour started and ended at Warsaw airport, and also included a few visits in Poland on the first day

For full details of this tour please download the flyer in PDF format from this link

For many years Fred Pugh organised these tours for the IRS, but due to his sad death in October 2020 this of course was no longer possible. However it is possible that IRS members may be able to join LCGB foreign tours in the future, as we have done in recent years.

We have no details of further tours planned at this time, although we are hoping there will be progress with this, once the pandemic is over.

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