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General downloads

Bulletin No.1000 (September 2017) Normal version (657Kb)
eBulletin version (6.63Mb)
IRS Membership Application Form


Complete books sales list - 12/2018 Digital Book Sales Catalogue.pdf 
Indices to the "India & South Asia" Handbook
The author prepared a comprehensive set of indices for this book, but due to their size (110 pages)
and the fact that the book already exceded 550 pages, it was felt that including them would make the book too large & expensive.
However these indices are now available as a downloadable single file.

India Indices.pdf

Combination index to "Industrial Railway
Record"  magazine - Volumes 1-16

IRRNDX20.pdf (960Kb)

Index of all amendments to IRS Handbooks
that have appeared in Bulletins up to No.600

Index of amendments up to Btn 600.pdf (2.5Mb)

IRS Library Guide & Catalogue

Guide to Library.pdf (1.72Mb)

List of common abbreviations used in IRS Publications

List of Common Abbreviations.pdf

As an experiment we are posting the Up-Date Lists (Amendment Bulletins) for one of our books (North Wales) as a free download for web site visitors. These lists originally came in three parts over a number of years, but in this download they have been merged into a single document.

If this experiment is a success, we may post further up-date lists for other books on this page.

Handbook amendments

North Wales (NW)

NW Combo Btn 1-3 v2b.pdf (235Kb)

West Yorkshire (Preliminary Draft)
of Owners & Locations

W-YorksIndex.pdf (22Kb)
W-YorksIndex.rtf (37Kb)

Handbook 14EL - Index of Locomotives
An index of all locos in 14EL, by builder

Loco Index for 14EL (189Kb)