What's New?

(Updated 17 March 2017)

Members of the IRS should have now received their copies of "Record" No.228 and "Bulletins" Nos.986, 987 (17EL),
 and the AGM agenda & reports and the document regarding proposed changes in the IRS constitution to achieve charitable status.

Anyone who has not received their copies should contact the following officers:-

Paper Bulletins or Record - Stan Robinson on: 020-896-12145
Digital Bulletins - contact Simon Darvill by email.

The Society is offering a new product bundle.
This is for our four Pocket Books Reprints - No.1 West Midlands, No.2 East Midlands, No.7 Lancashire and Book K North Riding of Yorkshire.
These cost 35.90 if bought as individual items or 30 in our bundle (public prices)
Members pay just 21 for the bundle
See our eShop for details

SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP OFFER (for NEW MEMBERS ONLY) and for a limited period):

Full membership from 1/7/2016 to 31/12/2017 for 40.50 UK (R45 overseas) + free copies of two of our books: Ex-BR Diesels in Industry (7BRD) and Industrial Wagons.

The Society has now put the new eShop on line, which will enable direct online ordering of our publications and subscriptions.

Click here to enter the eShop

Indices to the "India & South Asia" Handbook
The author prepared a comprehensive set of indices for this book, but due to their size (110 pages)
and the fact that the book already exceeded 550 pages, it was felt that including them would make the book too large & expensive.
However these indices are now available as a downloadable Acrobat file.

The Society can now accept payment in Euros, via our new Euro Bank Account

We have a new special package offer on "Austerity" 0-6-0ST locos - download a flyer here.

The Society is now offering all of our South Wales Handbooks at a Special Discount Price!

The Society is now making the 'Overseas News Bulletin' available on subscription to non-members

Now available as a download is an index of all amendments to IRS Handbooks that appeared in Bulletins up to No.600.

The Society now has a range of second hand copies of old issues of the Bulletin for sale. We also have some second-hand copies of out of prints IRS books for sale. See below for details.

Bob Darvill has some second-hand copies of out of print issues of the "Record" for sale - see below.

The Society now has a range of second hand Bulletins (mostly in good or mint condition) for sale with copies of most numbers from 200 upwards in stock and some earlier one's also. These are available for sale to members and non-members at very reasonable prices - please email the treasurer with your requirements and we will quote for the issues you need. If the issues you need are not in stock we will be pleased to keep your requirements on our files and email you if they  becomes available in the future. To protect the interests of our members we will not sell second hand copies of individual Bulletins for 2009 and 2010 to non-members. An index of all Bulletins published by the IRS is available in the form of PDF file which can be downloaded so that interested purchasers can see what is in each issue. We also have available some second hand copies of other out of print IRS publications; please email us with your wants and we will see if we can help.

It should also be noted that Bob Darvill has a number of out of print issues of the "Industrial Railway Record" - between 55 & 155 - which are for sale. If you are interested please email Bob for details of prices and what numbers he currently has available.

IRS email Discussion Group

The IRS has an email mailing list for members, based at YahooGroups, a free, easy-to-use email group service. The purpose of this list is to enable members and members to exchange information about any aspects of industrial railways in the UK and elsewhere. News of impending events of an industrial nature are particularly welcome as are observations of locomotives and details of sightings etc.

By joining this group, you'll be able to easily send messages to fellow group members using just one email address. YahooGroups also makes it easy to store photos and files, co-ordinate events and more.

If you are interested in industrial railways, both in the UK and abroad, and wish to join this mailing list, then please send an email to Ken Scanes (the moderator) requesting membership, with "IRS mailing list" as the subject. Please note that this list is now open to IRS members and non-members alike.