No.26 - p116-117

© AUGUST 1969




    The usual idea of a cut down locomotive is one with a foot cut off the chimney and the cab removed. I suggest that one built for the job has a dropped footplate so that the driver stands in a well formed by the two frame plates. I show two versions of the latter while the Peckett, if I recollect rightly, had an ordinary footplate.

    4 (Peckett 1002 of 1903) was taken at the little known Commercial Gasworks at Poplar (London) a month before she was scrapped in 1950. Her shedmates were of the well known Glasgow Gasworks "Sharp Stewart" type.

    AEROLITE is from a Black Hawthorn catalogue, being their 1107 of 1896 for Bevan's Cement Works at Northfleet (Kent). I could have seen her companions at Alkerden had I only known of them pre-war!

    The other derelict 0−4−0 saddle tank (Kerr Stuart 2401 of 1915) was photographed at Llanelly Steelworks at Easter 1950. Possibly the lowest of the low, she came from the Saundersfoot Railway in Pembrokeshire where her gauge was 4ft 0¾in; she was rebuilt to standard gauge to work at Llanelly.