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    Switzerland is well known for its favourable attitude towards preservation but examples of industrial locomotives are few. One such locomotive may however be observed on the platform of the SBB station at Turgi, between Brugg and Baden on the Basel - Zurich main line, this being the 750 mm gauge 0-4-0 tank shown in the accompanying illustration. This engine is one of three built by the Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works at Winterthur in April 1944 for use on the construction of a hydro-electric power station at Rupperswil Auenstein. The preserved example, makerís number 3834, carries black and green livery with yellow lining and was delivered by road to its place of retirement on 17th August 1967.

    These locomotives were possibly the last steamers to be built by SLM and were constructed to wartime economy standards. As a precaution against non-availability of coal, the firebox was designed to burn wood also and provision was made for later enlargement of the bunker for wood carrying. The boiler and firebox, including the tubes, were entirely of welded steel construction, as were the main frames. The locomotives were quite powerful for their type and the following dimensions may be of interest:

Cylinders 280 x 350 mm   (11 x 13ĺ in.)
Wheel diameter 710 mm   (2 ft. 4in.)
Wheelbase 1650 mm   (5ft. 6in.)
Boiler Pressure 12 atmospheres   (170 lb./sq. in.)
Weight in Working Order 16ľ tons   (19 ft.)
Overall length 5730 mm    
Height to top of chimney 2850 mm   (9ft. 6in.)

    Acknowledgements is made to the Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works for certain information given.

   The fate of the remaining two locomotives and the history of No. 3834 in the intervening years is not known and further information would be welcomed by the writer.