No. 10 - p234-235

© JUNE 1966



    All three photographs this time are of locomotives in Staffordshire. The first, taken at the Etruria Ironworks of Shelton Iron, Steel & Coal Co. Ltd., is an early Robinson shot of WALMER which had possible Barclay connections. The rounded tank is very interesting as she had a typical Barclay one in her later days. A Scottish builder who used rounded tanks was Inglis!

    The two [other] pictures [below] are sore points with me. BERRY HILL No.1 [upper] is said to have been built at the colliery, but this is nonsense since Berry Hill Colliery was only a small concern with no foundry for cylinders, etc. Possibly No.1 is Avonside 1343 (a works number inflicted by the Club on No.2) as it has something of an Avonside look about it. However, nobody in their senses would say that BERRY HILL No.2 [lower]  is an Avonside, The splashers are a Dick & Stevenson (or Martyn Bros.) touch, while other points are in common with these builders. I would welcome readers’ comments.